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About Us

“Respect, Conservation, and Preservation of the Hunt”

The Arkansas Black Bear Association is a hunting and conservation non-profit  organization that was formed in 2010. The association was birthed when bear hunters and conservation minded people in this state began to see the need for a state-wide bear association. As an organization, we have three primary pillars of operation. 

1. Respect

The first pillar, RESPECT, is designed to create a greater awareness, historical appreciation and cultural respect for bear in Arkansas. No other animal has been as historically linked to Arkansas as the black bear. The restoration of Arkansas black bear in the 1950’s and 60’s is considered by biologists as the most successful reintroduction of large carnivores in the world. The black bear is a valuable species that adds a unique wilderness flavor to Arkansas. Some of the biggest issues that revolve around black bear in Arkansas are human issues. As often is the question in bear management, “how many bears will the people in a region tolerate?” Though Arkansas bears are widely valued in our state by landowners, hunters and conservationists, our efforts towards increased cultural tolerance through education are valid.

2. Conservation

Our second pillar is CONSERVATION. The ABBA will seek to be a strong voice in conservation through our website and educational program. Our “Cub” initiative is designed to go into Arkansas elementary schools and present a conservation program about the history, reintroduction and current management of Arkansas black bears. Our website is designed to be a place of resource for people interested in bear and bear hunting. In addition to bear, the ABBA is committed to hunting and wildlife conservation of all types of game species in Arkansas. Most people who are interested in bear are also highly vested in whitetail deer, wild turkey and waterfowl. The goal of this pillar is to effectively, and in a different manner than ever before, promote wildlife conservation and hunting.

3. Preservation

The third pillar is, PRESERVATION OF THE HUNT. The ABBA believes in preserving our hunting heritage. Bear hunting is the most effective and responsible means to manage bear in Arkansas. The Arkansas Black Bear Association strongly supports bear hunting and will seek to promote the sport in our state. The ABBA will seek to be a resource of information about bear hunting here in Arkansas. Our educational thrust is also directed towards bear hunters. At a functional level the ABBA’s intent is to create a statewide community of Arkansas hunters. Our intent is to create positive camaraderie among the bear hunters of Arkansas. As iron sharpens iron, bear hunters will sharpen one another through online forums, articles, stories and communication. The very word association means an organization of people with a common purpose having a formal structure. The word also implies friendship, companionship and connection. The core of the ABBA is built upon the relationship of people with a common interest and connection. The heart, soul and strength of our organization is built upon human relationship.

We invite you to become a part of the Arkansas Black Bear Association and join our cause to respect, conserve and preserve Arkansas bear and the sport of hunting.