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The Values of an organization are the drivers behind why they exist. Values are the internal fabric of an organization that clearly and succinctly describe the things it stands for.

  1. Biodiversity – We value the concept of species diversity. The implication being, that we value the black bear in Arkansas. The AGFC’s reintroduction of black on a macro scale, was an effort to bring greater biological diversity into Arkansas. This principle has value.
  2. Habitat Stewardship – The greatest asset of wildlife in Arkansas is quality habitat. Future land management decisions, public and private, in Arkansas should take wildlife into serious consideration.
  3. Fair Chase – This implies that the hunter doesn’t have an unfair or unethical advantage over the game he pursues. We believe a harvested animal, is only as valuable as the integrity of the process and method by which it was taken. Hunting is an ancient and honorable sport, and we believe the its solidarity, integrity and sustainability is held together by the moral fabric and ethical code of the hunter.
  4. Education – As an organization we value education. As people are educated about wildlife and wildlife conservation they will be better able to make decisions that benefit wildlife and society as a whole.
  5. Relationship – We value human relationships. The term ‘association’ means a group of people with a common purpose and implies friendship, companionship and connection. The relationships we build with family and friends through the outdoors is highly valuable. This value also implies that decisions in wildlife management must also benefit people.