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The Cub Project - Coming Soon

The "Cub Project" of Arkansas Black Bear Association is designed to reach into the public elementary schools of Arkansas with a science based wildlife conservation message. Our presentation is designed to be an educational, informative, exciting and a hands on experience for the children of Arkansas. 

The presentation is designed for an auditorium setting or the class room, and includes a multimedia slide show presentation about bear biology, bear management through hunting and the interesting history of the Arkansas Black Bear. The presentation also includes real life bear artifacts including a full body bear mount, bear skulls, teeth and claws that can all be handled by the children. The set also includes mounts of whitetail deer, wild turkey and other wildlife artifacts from Arkansas. The presentation is designed to give the children hands on biological science experience that will bring the excitement, intrigue and the beauty of the outdoors right into their learning environment. 

For more information or questions please email Clay Newcomb at